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the ramp southbound 13 to eastbound 580, one lane is blocked with a stalled s.u.v. there. kristen and eric? >> 6:01, storm watch coverage continues with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield. amy? >> good morning, we are getting a shower here in petaluma and we are on highway 116. check out the wet road. you need the windshield wipers. the dry spell is over, after the 5th driest january on record. we have rain, though. we have had showers on-and-off this morning and they have been light. we have not had the wind. that is yet to come. it is pleasant right now. not too windy or cold but colder than our warm, higher-than-normal temperatures we had over the weekend. you will want to bundle up and
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grab an umbrella and turn on the windshield wipers that are not part of the routine because it has been so long. we will be out here monitoring the conditions so check back with us and we will let you know how it is looking. right now in petaluma a light shower is falling. >> stay with abc7 for continuing storm wax coverage and a reminder you can track the storm online with the live doppler 7 hd with >> family near danville finds out if they can move back if their home as being crushed by a massive oak tree. the 80' oak fell on the house in an exclusive community crushing the roof. a work crew will bring in a larger crane than they had yesterday to remove the tree. the home was red tagged until engineers can determine the stability. the weather is not blamed for the tree falling because the roots were diseased.
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>> san francisco mayor lee is going to announce a $1 billion project that has both beer lovers and the san francisco giants saying "cheers." cornell bernard joins us live from bi48 to tell us about it. >> lots of new jobs, too, the project is big. if you like beer brewed in san francisco, check this out, pier 48, sitting right across from at&t park and it will be home to the anchor brewing company second brewery in san francisco. a production facility will have big brew pub restaurant, a museum, all inside the 212,000 square feet building the first big tenant for the $1 billion mission rock re-development project. it is calling for retail businesses, restaurants, parks, 1,000 rental housing units and
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7,000 new jobs. anchor is excited to be part of the project and the addition to the portrero hill facility will quadruple their output from 120,000 to 600,000 barrels of beer a year. a news conference is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. and we will learn details. >> thank you at 6:05. the battery on the boeing 787 dreamliner jet forced to land in japan is showing swelling. the flight made the emergency landing last month after the main battery failed. now, the transport safety board says two of the eight cells show bumps. officials are not sure if the bumps are irregularity but the airlines is the same one that launched boeing 787 dreamliner from mineta san jose international airport to tokyo which remains grounded for now.
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>> the connecticut state police department is denying a report detailing a possible motive for the sandy hook elementary school tragedy in december. the newspaper is reporting that adam may have been inspired by the norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people two years ago saying he wanted to match or exceed the death toll amassed by the man who detonate add bomb in oslo and then opened fire at a youth camp. sources are not saying how they learned of the possible inspiration. the connecticut state police department is strongly dismissing the new report and a spokesman says no motive for the sandy hook elementary school tragedy has been determined. he is causing the story "speculation and hideous." >> imagine not one but two sets of identical twins. ahead, meet the mom defying the odds. >> coming up first, going after google, a new set for microsoft
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outlook trying to take a bite out of gmail.
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>> live doppler 7 hd working west to east at half moon bay, 92 a beautiful highway one right there getting wet with light showers. it crosses over to california drive and bayshore highway and
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it is dry at sfo but you will have another rain. the rain is in the middle of the bay headed to san leandro boulevard and alameda and mcarthur boulevard. st. mary's is getting wet spilled to walnut creek headed toward concord. the big picture shows we have more storms to the north, the more organized and heavier activity that will move in from about 8:00 through 1:00 o'clock from north to south. scattered thunderstorms are possible with rain and hail and lightning also today. >> back to the san mateo bridge, reports of a stall blocking a lane on the high-rise and it is not really affecting us, but a little bit of slow traffic on the highway rise section but traffic is moving nicely on the flat section and hopefully that will be cleared nicely with rain with wet roads on the san mateo
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bridge. hayward northbound 880 from the east bay from san mateo you find an accident northbound 880 blocking the right lane and southbound 680 a stalled big rig and a stall on the rank southbound 13 to eastbound a 80. kristen and eric? >> today, microsoft officially releases the web based outlook e-mail service after six month preview and is open to the public and microsoft is spending $30 million to market it hoping to lure users away from gmail. 60 million users are outing and you can send large files, address books that update and fewer ads and option to connect to social sites. >> michelle obama and a mid-life crisis and what she is saying how she is handling it.
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but, first, a texas couple wanted to give their young son a brother or sister but they got four. four. whatall right that's a fifth-flr problem...
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ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha!
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no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> live doppler 7 hd, are you ready for the wet weather? it has been a while since we had to deal with it. it is here in the storm of "scout" showers. the more organized wet weather is getting itself established to our north as we talked about. by 7:00, that will move into the north bay. ahead of that, it is mild in the mid-to-upper 40's and 51 right
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now in oak. we will have light showers through 7:00 and the heaviest showers from 7:00 to 1:00 o'clock and scattered showers in the afternoon and most of the showers this evening are over the ocean. >> a texas couple preparing for a new baby. four new babies. the 38-year-old gave birth to two sets of identical twins on the same day with no federal tell -- with no fertility drugs. they were in two separate placentas delivered on valentine's day by c-section. the odds of this happening are one in 70 million. mom and dad say they just wanted to give their son a little sister. they gave him four brothers and the babies are all doing well. >> still have to try for the sister. >> first lady is revealing the reason behind the fabulous new
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hairdo and the bangs saying it was a mid-life crisis. she debuted the new bangs and in an interview with a talk show host she got them because she cannot get a sports car and is not allowed to bungee jumps and celebrated her 49th history. >> why can't she get a sports car? >> okay, a reminder that the oscars are a few days away and abc7 is the only place to the watch the oscars with live coverage at 2:00 p.m. and you can countdown to the big night with our official oscar app and the back stage pass gives you best access and a dozen cameras streaming video behind-the-scenes and from the red carpet and the oscars experience by downloading the app available for iphone, ipad, droid, and kindle fire. >> carmakers were probably wishing and hoping she would get a sports car set off a trend 9 way she did with her bangs. >> the secret service agent would have to chase after her or
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right in the back. >> sports car with handles on it. that would be great. >> we can use a four-wheel drive in state of the union he. >> you need it up there. the snow is there, it is getting heavy and 1.5' of powder for everyone. it will be there but the best chance of heavy snow is today. here is radar to the north the organized area of wet weather along the cold front and that is where the heavy rain is, we have light rain moving through from walnut creek through hayward and san leandro across the san mateo bridge and back toward half moon bay this morning. so, that will keep sinking south and eastward, do not be surprised to get a few light sprinkles and the rain now is
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passing the bay bridge and at the toll plaza it is quieter weather-wise with a lot of traffic there. temperatures running santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, and gilroy, all in the throw mid-40's. now, what will happen today. we have the scout showers this morning, but, more organized showers are developing as we speak and they will bring rain for three to four hours with hail from the showers that develop later this afternoon and the thunderstorms. but it will get lower today starting at 8:00 in the north bay and exit the south bay at 5:00, and 1" down to 2,000 feet and 5" of snow on mount hamilton and when the storm pass as slow warming trend headed into the weekend. the cold front shows how quickly it is coming down with the moisture lining up along it and most of it is going to be with the northern tail into the system or the northern head of the system will head to the sierra so they will get so much
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snow. we are on the tail end so we are going to get .25 to .5" of rain. the models are picking up pooling along the cold front, and light-to-moderate steady rain and 9:00 or 10:00 in the north bay moving into the heart of the bay and by noon the steady moderate rain is in the south bay and by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 it is out but you can see the snow on hamilton, snow in the north bay, also, as we head into the afternoon showers and evening showers staying mainly over the ocean and one or two could stray inland and we could have the small hail. tomorrow morning, frost inland, and upper 20's to mid-30's and mid-30's to low 40's for the bay and the coast, and we will start warming with sunny sky and 60's are back in the forecast thursday away from the coast and in the mid-50's better part of the forecast. sue? >> walnut creek has an accident south 680 with brake lights
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before north main before the 24 split. traffic is picking up so it is right around the curve blocking the right lane bumper to bumper out of the concord area southbound. metering lights on the at bay bridge with traffic here backing to the overcrossing and sluggish on the upper deck and an accident in hayward north 880 blocking the right lane of traffic. >> blade runner returns to court. ahead, the overnight outburst from oscar pistorius as the family of the late girlfriend meets to stay goodbye. >> coffee cup savings on the morning cup of joe. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain.
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>> it is tuesday. live doppler 7 hd shows petaluma, to the north of town there is light-to-moderate rain and headed into the higher elevations as you try to get over to the next valley. the mountain snow and coastal rains are developing and the snow is developing at tahoe and that will slide south toward tahoe and the first wave of rain moves through. here is the upper low that. could behind it and brings us showers in the evening.
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headed to tahoe it is 32 and sack plane to and fresno is wet with low 50's and upper 50's in los angeles and san diego. >> if you are brewing a cup of coffee you could be using one of the single serve coffee makers and they are convenient but the costs for adds up. >> consumer reports is partnered with 7 on your side to test out alternates that can save you money. >> good morning. it is no surprise single serve coffee makers are growing in popularity, they are convenient. however, the cost the little disposable pods are pricey. the average owner uses more than 1,000 cup as year and consumer reports checked out alternates to the traditional cups. >> single seven coffee makers are quick. fast. convenient. but the cost of the pods adds
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up. >> alternatives to the traditional pod promise to reduce costs. consumer reports checked out three that let you use your own coffee. >> compare with how much it would cost to brew a cup of coffee a day for a year and with pods it is $220 to $275. >> in addition to costs, testers looked at convenience, time, and taste. first up, one that claims to be a fraction, $14 buys a pack of 50 disposable cups and lids. >> it is less at $185 a year. >> but they are hard to close and brow time was longer than the traditional pod. >> next, the reusable easy cup for $13 plus $8 more for filters, and the average user spends $135 a year. the easy cup wasn't much easier
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to use than the simple cup. how did the coffee take? in tests using the same coffee all three delivered similar results. in the end, this was the clear winner, testers found it was the easiest to use, and when you purchased the reusable. cup for $18 the only expense is coffee. an estimated $80 a year. that is a big money saver. another plus, the my k cups they are easier on the environment than the original k cup and other pods. if all of this has you longing for a single serve coffee machine that can use the alternative cups consider the ss300 compact single serve for $130. in consumer report tests it delivered a speedy first cup of coffee and is very easy to use. >> speedy. when we need coffee we need it
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speedy. now. >> she is called the hummer mom, the east bay woman who had sex with underage boys finds herself behind bars again. >> the new photo emerging showing oscar pistorius with his late girlfriend days before her death and the outburst from him and the explanation for why he fired bullets in the bathroom. >> we are tracking a storm this morning. next well show you what the concerns like outside. can you see flashing emergency lights on the right side of the screen southbound 680 and correct crack just before the 24 split that is an accident in lane number four and traffic now is backing toward pleasant hill. we will follow this and the rest of your morning commute with the rain after
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. at 6:29. on tuesday morning we have rain in the bay area. we have clouds in the sky. a gorgeous shot here. when you are driving you may not find it so pretty with delays and wet roads that can be slicker and more addition. >> the clouds and rain go together, don't they, mike? >> once in a while you get some rain without the clouds but that can actually happen the clouds dissipates before the rain reaches the ground we let's talk danville and san ramon and you can see around castro valley, hayward, headed to san leandro, 680 and 580 all have slickness
6:29 am
same as 92 with light rain and across the san mateo bridge headed to redwood shores parkway and down to redwood city, it is wet, coming in from the west and moving east. fremont, union city, mountain view, palo alto, sunnyvale, san jose, all of you are going to get a little bit of light rain the next, say, half hour to 45 minutes. there is more to the north. it is getting organized as we speak the what we will have are the heaviest showers from morning to early afternoon and less showers headed through the afternoon but that will bring lightning and hail and the showers taper to the evening with highs only in the upper 40s the to low 50's. >> we have an accident at walnut creek on the shoulder but the 24 split so traffic is getting by beyond here but the abc7 app
6:30 am
shows the backup is all the way into pleasant hill and toward monument and the 242 split, so it is bumper to bumper due to this accident in walnut creek and we will take another look at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and sky is lighting up here and we have traffic now backed to the macarthur maze and sluggish on the upper deck. kristen and eric? >> our storm watch coverage continues with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield monitoring conditions in the north bay. >> we just had a shower pass through here. look at this video we shot moments ago, it was a light shower in petaluma on highway 116 but enough to force people to turn on the windshield wipers and realize that wet weather is back. our dry spell is over. forecasters are saying the system will not have the moisture we need. it is a start. it is something. it is something to break up the
6:31 am
routine. we are used to not having rain, with such a dry january and, so far, february. do not forget your umbrella. in petaluma we have a break. as we understand, as mike explained, more is to come and more getting organized and it should be stronger the next round, so, little showers here and there this morning, sounds like it is about to get stronger something to have on the radar this morning. >> skiers and snow boarders who spent president's day holiday weekend in the mountains cruised along on the 12' of snow that fell in december freshened by layers of man made snow and conditioned were "firm" without a significant amount of snow. in the high sierra they should get a foot to 1.5' of snow this week on the mount days during the "ski week" break.
6:32 am
we will have continuing storm watch coverage and you can track the storm online with live doppler 7 hd at >> blaze runner, oscar pistorius, returned to south africa courtroom in what was an emotional ordeal as our reporter tells us live from the newsroom, oscar pistorius broke down in tears when the late girlfriend's name was mentioned. katie? >> he was sobbing so uncontrollably at times that the judge actually had to stop the hearing several times and order oscar pistorius to compose himself. oscar pistorius was being comforted by his brother and his attorney. that attorney laid out their defense by reading a statement from oscar pistorius saying he shot reeva steenkamp by mistake, thinking she was a robber and full vulnerable because he did not have on his prosthetic leg. when he realized his mistake he put on the legs and breakdown the door and says he carried reeva steenkamp downstairs and
6:33 am
she died in his arms. the prosecution is calling the sight premeditated murder saying he first put on his leg, walked more than 20' to the bathroom and opened fire. the funeral took place this morning in her hometown of port elizabeth. >> the family coming together and one person who would be the strongest held us together, unfortunately, is not here anymore, and that is my sister. >> this is a picture of the couple taken on february 7, a week before the valentine's day kill asking we are learning oscar pistorius allied for six gun licenses last month. the hearing is over today and the prosecution asked for postponement and the judge said proceedings will resume tomorrow morning. >> students at uc santa santa cruz are warned of a rape that occurred over the weekend in the middle of campus. flyers are going up around campus with students receiving
6:34 am
text warning from the campus police after a 21-year-old woman was beaten and raped in birthday daylight on sunday afternoon. >> what makes this feel different is that it happened in the middle of the day. it involved the victim not knowing the assailant. >> another violent attack occurred off campus last monday. a senior was problemmed and shot while waiting at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. >> cal basketball coach will hold the news conference today but there is nothing "regular". >> boat it with the hot topic likely this, his shoving of a player at the game against usc. now state senator leland yee is calling for his suspension and the pac 12 has reprimand him. the senator is calling on the university to suspend him for at least one game. >> iowa's governor is coming to
6:35 am
california today in an effort to lure companies to relocate to the heart land and says he will meet with businesses that have a presence in iowa and those he would like to attract. he will not name which companies he is actively courting. governor brown was critical of a similar move by texas governor perry who reportedly did not make much headway in trying to lure companies away. >> we are a day appear from robin roberts' return to "good morning america" and we will chat with her colleagues. >> coming up, first, back behind bars, the violation landing "hummer mom" would went to jail for having sex with underage boys, what is causing her to be behind bars again? >> a live look outside our camera showing the embarcardero and you can seat rain has started in parts of the bay area with light rain to begin.
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>> we are back. this is the san mateo bridge. we have a light shower falling right now along with the umbrella, dress for temperatures in the mid-40's to 51 degrees in oakland. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd right there right across the san mateo bridge we are showing that light rain. whether you are starting over around hayward or headed over to san mateo you will find light rain headed through castro valley light rain, and san ramon light rain, the more organized wet weather is to the north and you can see yellows which is light-to-moderate rain staying to the north for the next hour, and it starts to slide south. we will have our heaviest shower from 7:00 with scattered showers this afternoon and over the ocean by this evening. >> back to walnut creek,
6:39 am
southbound 680, before the 24 split, an accident right here on the shoulder as you can see traffic picks up there but brake lights back to pleasant hills and we will look at the abc7 app a complete stand still with a lot of activity and traffic is backed to 242. as mike said, back to the san mateo bridge, rain here and bumper to bumper track along this band you are slowing toward foster city. eric? >> a livermore mother who served time in prison for having sex with underage boys is back in jail. the 44-year-old christine hubbs was sentenced to prison for the sexual encounters in her hummer, and was arrested for paw troll violation. authorities have not said what she did to get arrested or when she got out of prison the she is held in jail with no bail. >> president obama is an hour away from addressing the nation.
6:40 am
we will preview what he is expected to say. >> and on wall street, a look at big board showing the about is up five and a fraction and we will go to jane king with the latest financial news. first, robin roberts is returning to the "good morning america" anchor desk after five months' absence. tomorrow is the big day.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. time for live doppler 7 hd with scattered light showers moving through the bay sinking south of the san mateo bridge and headed to dumbarton and more showers developing along the cold front to the north in mendocino county
6:43 am
ready to move in to the north bay. you can see there is a lot of snow with the system, a cold system and a lot of shower active along the coast and over the ocean and the snow already is developing in tahoe. if you can get there the next couple of hours, get there quickly because the snow will get heavier, a foot to a foot and a half of snow in the sierra with rain moving from north to south across the entire state with 40's along the coast, throw mid-50's in the central valley, and upper 50's around southern cal. >> happening in an hour at 7:45 president obama will hold a white house event to call on congress to avert automatic budget cuts taking affect in ten days. the $85 billion in across-the-board cuts takes place march 1 unless congress acts resulting in the furlough of federal workers by april and state and local governments could loose funding. the president is pushing for a blend of spending cuts and new taxes but republicans are arguing against new taxes.
6:44 am
our news anchor is traveling to washington, dc, this morning, to interview president obama at a white house and will be the only bay area reporter allowed this access. the exclusive reports live from washington, dc beginning today at 5:00 and he will tweet from washington, dc, as well. >> we have been telling you about the rise in gas prices but no one seems to know exactly why. >> hotmail is no more. bloomberg at the new york stock exchange with that and more. what is the outlook? >> people will be interested if that, but, first, gatt prices in the san francisco area, aaa says the average price of a gallon of gas was $4.14 cent for regular, jumping 46 cents from a month ago compared to 42 cent jump nationwide and analysts say it is because of rising oil prices and they are higher but no one
6:45 am
is sure exactly why. the main reason is that there is big demand overseas for crude oil in china. there is blame of refinery ship down but we have not hit the spring driving season when the prices go up. >> two office giants talk about a merger, office depot and office max would create a single office supply retailtory compete with staples. another problem is amazon is luring shoppers away with low prices and free shipping. the markets show slightly higher across the space -- board. hotmail is no more, replacing all the accounts by summer so they will move from business customers to the general public and the new outlook will have cloud capability. sow think this will be the hotmail account rerouted could outlook you can keep the hotmail account and use it but you can see it to create health people
6:46 am
outlook addresses, as well. finally, google looking to go head to head with apple building stand alone retail and has the first one open for the holidays with company looking to get potential customers the hand's on experience like apple and microsoft. >> jane, thank you at 6:47. now getting our hands on information you can use regarding the rain. >> you may be gripping snow and maybe an umbrella depending where you are. we will show you what is going on starting with live doppler 7 hd you can see south of san mateo bridge and headed to dumbarton, updated our light rain headed over toward the east bay, and we will look at the san mateo bridge and you can see there are drops on the lens and you can see residual moisture lingering on the bridge this morning. temperatures are mild at 51 in oakland for a warm spot and
6:47 am
santa cruz on the low end at 42 and san francisco san jose and novato and livermore around 45 to 48. bigger picture is showing to the south, ever so slowly but falling apart so light rain is possible but we are looking at 280 in san jose to the south bay at 17 crossing over and it is dry right now but you could in 15 minutes get a sprinkle. temperatures from santa rosa and napa and fairfield and concord and los gatos and gilroy in the low do mid-50's. now, what will happen with the system. we are going to have showers. they are developing and the scout showers i just showed you with more showers along the cold front and that is the steady rain moving into the north bay the next hour. when we get beyond that we have thunderstorms possible with hail and snow levels dropping to 2,000 feet and an inch possible and 5" possible at mounts hamilton.
6:48 am
the snow starts in an hour and exits the south bay right during the beginning of the evening commute at 5:00. we will have record warmth, not record, but warmer temperatures for the weekend. fast-moving system so we will see about three to four hours of steady rain when it develops. on the back side we will have forecast tonight inland, and that is how much colder it will get. at 7:00, you can see in mendocino county, the organized steady light-to-moderate rain. yellows are developing in the north bay by 10:00, and that is moderate rain and that will move through the heart of the bay from 10:00 for noon and it will enter the south bay and exits the south bay around 2:00 to 3:00 and scatters shows are possible throughout the afternoon and evening hours and overnight our best chance of showers are near the coast and one or two could stray inland and the afternoon and evening and overnight showers will be more likely to have lightning and thunder.
6:49 am
tomorrow we wake up to upper 20 to mid-30's inland and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay but you do not need the umbrella and 60's are back away from the coast starting thursday and through the drive forecast. >> back to walnut creek we have a problem southbound 680 before the 24 split to the right shoulder with an accident and track is bumper to bumper and on 242 almost to highway four. and west 4 to eastbound 80 an accident blocking the transition ramp and overturn in south san francisco at daly city and northbound 280 blocking a lane of traffic. kristen and eric? >> 6:51. we are a day away from the return of robin roberts to "good morning america" and we are joined with a preview. you have to be tickled pink. >> we are. it is going to an big day.
6:50 am
we have been building up for it. we are both completely energized. we are ready. she looks fantastic and she has energy and that is the best part of it all. tomorrow morning, we will have a normal show because robin wants it to be normal and we keep trying to explain there is nothing normal about tomorrow. we been baiting for this moment and we will try to adhere to her wishes but we will be sightly happy and maybe crying. >> there will be stuff coming in, people are going -- we heard from a lot of celebrities with want to say welcome back but the stories from people in america and the number of stories from people of america so we get in as many of those tomorrow as we can to let america have their welcome back with robin. >> that is what she wants, to hearer message as she has done and inspired so many people to talk about their own problems
6:51 am
and so many people can relate they are going through something similar or someone in their family is dealing with cancer and i believe it is fair to say that is something that robin has been so touched throughout the experience the outpouring from people across the country. we will get into that. >> she has been such a big inspiration to all the viewers, what about robin, to you, the heart and solve "good morning america" and what does she mean to you and what do you miss most? you have 20 seconds to answer that one. >> i have missed the every day robin because you want to give people a little time to heal but i miss the every day robin and i can't wait to have her in here and have hour just back to full strength and roaring. >> across the desk looking at her will be an absolute joy and we cannot wait. it will be big. >> do not miss the wide shop because all eyes are on problem lynn in this chair tomorrow
6:52 am
morning on "good morning america" and i hope, hope, hope you will join us. >> we will be this from 3,000 miles away. >> bay area is "team robin." five things to know before you go just ahead. 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history?
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because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> as we get ready to happened things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. number one, we are getting much needed rain in the bay area. a cold storm from the gulf of alaska is moving into northern california. experts say expect wet streets for the morning commute. >> two, santa cruz police are putting up sketches of a man who rape add 20-year-old woman in broad daylight on campus in a trail on campus. they hope someone will see the sketch and identify the man before he strikes again. >> three, cal basketball coach
6:54 am
will hold a scheduled news conference two daze after he shoved a star basketball player during the victory on sunday. senator leland yee is trying to call the university to suspend the coach for a game. >> four, a courtroom confession this morning from limp -- olympic star who says he shot reeva steenkamp to death by mistake thing she was a robber and felt vulnerable because he did not have on the process net ig legs. >> the city of san francisco and the giants are will unveil plans for a major development project south of at&t park at pier 48. the chronicle reports the san francisco-based anchor browing plans to build a restaurant and museum there. >> final check on accweather forecast and where the rain is now. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows initial "scout" shower activity is sliding to the south bay and falling apart and to the north you can see light-to-moderate
6:55 am
rain, wide-spread rain that will move through the bay from 7:00 to 1:00 o'clock north to south. for our storm we will have showers and rain and small hail today and quarter to half an inch and snow level down to 2,000 feet. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving, and 680, things are jammed and backed to highway four and appear overturn in south san francisco northbound 280, another dangerous spot. >> thank you for joining us for the morning news which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. captioned by
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good morning, america. breaking right now. olympic hero oscar pistorius weeps. as a judge rules he'll be charged with the premeditated murder of his model girlfriend. lawyers saying he put on his legs and walked 21 feet to shoot her through the bathroom door. her funeral taking place today. brazen robbery raid. one of the biggest diamond heists of all time pulled off on the dark airport tarmac. eight masked men cutting through a security fence.
6:59 am
ambushing a plane. stealing millions in gems. also breaking, alec baldwin now under fire for his latest rant against photographers. this time accused of using a racial slur. abc news learning right now the new york police department is investigating the tirade as a hate crime. and brand new pictures at this hour. princess kate stepping out in her first public appearance since december, revealing her baby bump and ready to get back to being a very public royal. and good morning, america. we are in final countdown mode right now. there it is, one day. until robin is right back here at this anchor desk. just 24 hours. we're going to hear a little bit from her this morning about how she's feeling. fair to say, a little bit nervous. >> yeah, yeah, indeed. >> we're very excited about her coming

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